3 Funny Jokes

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Two girls quarrel on the bus

Two girls are quarreling with sitting in the bus seat-
Conductors: What’s the matter, why are you quarreling? Between those of you who are older, sit and sit.
What else? Both of them were standing all the way.

Had to eat with a turnover

New-son-in-law will be in-laws! A precious Saint took the time to go! Going to the sala hands, he started eating his palms! The newborn asked the father-in-law! The father-in-law of the father-in-law said,
Father-in-law: Dad, do not you mind And a little ass! Somebody spoiled so expensive things! There was a turnover in the house, it could eat with a bowl!

How to go back home

Due to the increased weight of the pistol, the doctor went to-
Doctor: Run 5km every day Then we will lose 50 kg weight in 1 year.

A year later, Paltu phoned the doctor-
Paltu: Brother, we are losing weight but how to go back home?
Doctor: Why? where are you now?
Paltu: I do not know. However, running 5 kilometers daily, we have run 1,825 kilometers away from home.