5 problems of straight hair






Now straighten curly hair was changed. And that hair loss resulting from the use of hair streitanara, he ignored the issue persists.

Thus, forcing the hair to straighten some harmful side. This article highlights the harmful things. According to a report in the Hindustan Times.

1. The hair is dry and dull
To straighten hair have an adverse effect on the hair. Makes your hair dry and dull hair streitenim process. And since it can be understood in order to straighten the hair. Whenever you how much hair loss shampoo will be understood immediately. Hair normal brightness will be lost. And it becomes dull and dry hair. Hair is required to spend a long time in the loss. However, if you have straight hair regularly sthayibhabei it becomes dull and dry.

2. Chemical is not your friend
Iron to straighten hair, as well as a variety of chemicals are used. However, the chemicals are not good for the human body. For this reason, and many suffered from allergies. There is also the risk of problems such as itching, and dandruff.

3. Hair fall
Many of the crew had straight hair. And it can only increase the problem of hair fall. Especially in the use of harsh chemicals that can increase the rate of hair fall.

4. The sort of low
Curly hair has a different beauty. It can be sorted in various ways. But the less chance the sort of straight hair. If you have straight hair suits you really are two different things. But many curly hair looks beautiful. As a result, he lost the beauty of the hair is straight.

5. New hair hazard
Many hair from curly to straight after having problems. The problem began after a few days to straighten hair. The new hair is curly hair big as ever. The old hair is straight. The decor of both the hair becomes impossible. The new hairs need to be straight.