5 Richest Media Stars of Bangladesh

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This is based on the amount of resources the site has published a list of top risesta English. Bangladesh is the list of the richest celebrities. The list contains the name of the current craze Shakib Khan, Chanchal Chowdhury, babita, Bipasha Hayat and Mosharraf Karim name.

Shakib Khan
Dhakaiya number one hero of the movie. He has since died Manna dhaliudake ruling. Sinemaprati 40 million fee he was taking. He is the richest star. Carasa seventy billion of its assets.

Mosharraf Karim
Mosharraf Karim is the next position. Two hundred and twenty-seven million of its assets.

Bipasha Hayat
Bipasha Hayat third position. Like a hundred and eighty million of his assets.

Actress Babita fourth position. His wealth is estimated at around derasa crore.

Chanchal Chowdhury
Then there Chanchal Chowdhury. Seventy-five million of its assets.