7 conditions to marry Shahrukh’s daughter!





Suhanake always prefer to keep Shah Rukh Khan over the girl. Around her the boy does not have any mistakes, always aware of what to pursue.

A magazine interview, he said, daughter Suhana gets around, he let those sons, who will be able to fulfill its terms.

Terms of that, he said. Said,

1. Do a good job Raised
2. I understand that you do not like it
3. I’m everywhere
4. Remember the lawyer
5. Suhana my princess. Your property is not winning.
6. I will not go to jail hesitates
7. You’re done with him, and I will do with you

His princess Suhana, Shah Rukh said it’s coffee with Karan Season 5 already. He will want to kiss my daughter that I tear his lips. Shah Rukh Khan performing joharake then the kiss is a picture of his hand, then he gave it to Khan.

Ariyanera son of Bollywood Shahrukh debiu is speculation. But when Suhana will appear on the screen, it could still be heard. Shahrukh every time this question has been, he says Suhana is now busy with his studies. Now is not the time thinking about his career.