94 wives in 34 countries!






France, Finland, Japan, from Argentina to the German-America. Amy, Annie, Maria, Mary, Kate, Queens There are many names that woman, maybe do not remember his first name. Yet marriage meteni hobby. The marriage of the UK’s civil public addresses hobby husband now 34 countries!

The 3-year-old opened the innings in his marriage. 94 have come out in 35 years! Japan last married six months ago. The Independent reporter heard the question, when will be a century of marriage? But the shy smile of a century, it has been avoided.

With a shy smile on the face of the man said, his hobby to marry women from different countries around the world. However, this does not lie to anyone to marry John. There is no lukachapara story. 93 more people know their neighbor’s wife is 94!

How is it possible, but it is so hard to impress her? John replied, “I’m not too bad. The ‘Tasha’ can do. And so, let the blessing of the girlfriend, the love. And then get married! ”

John claimed that he thakanani anyone. At least, much less love. Before the wedding of his previous love-issued marriage.

But the question is one of the most time spent with a woman? John himself says, with the German woman. Bring pictures painted.

However, there is a little grieve over. Five to six years to catch that many people in love with his wife. Many divorced him lay a new family. Some Ignores His words were getting a new husband. Still, people do not feel sorrow.

The specific time for his ‘wife’ was true love. Thinking of inner contentment that chew the cud at least 94 addresses her husband, John.