Arefin Shuvo is doing a film with Rituparna

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For the first time, Arifin Shuvo, the hero of the movie, is pairing with actress Rituparna Sengupta. The film titled ‘A movie story’ is being directed by Nayak Alamgir. Shooting shooting began on Saturday in FDC. After the end of the month, Arifin Shuvo said that he can learn many things by acting with Rituparna.

Shuva said, ‘I have not done any work with Rituparna, that does not mean we have not met, we have seen, there are lots of meetings. We can say that there is a nice relationship between us.

I always work with many experienced artists, people with such an experience. I think Rituparna has a lot to learn. ‘

Shawv said about film director and actor Alamgir, “It feels good when new pictures begin. When this film is managed by people like Alamgir Sir, the icon of our film, the interest increases. I have been very optimistic to join a good job. This movie is good because Alamgir Sir is a very experienced artist. He understands the movie. ‘

Shuvo did not want to say anything about his character in the film, just said, ‘This is the story of a movie production. As artists we work in film, they have a life of their own. Since we are people of blood flesh, we have all sorrow and love. All this will come through the story of this picture. ‘

The film will be shot till September 25. Then after a break, the next step will start in October. In addition to Alamgir, Champa, Arifin Shuvo, Rituparna Sengupta, and more familiar faces will play.