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How this house-wife got over 9 lacs fb followers!

rupcare_9 lacs follower in fb

  He is not a famous celebrity. On the screen or in the television serial, he is not seen in the movie. He is not part of politics or in any social movement. Facebook page is never seen as a small business! However, the number of followers on Facebook has exceeded 9 million! Not only that, with the update of ...

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Peya Bipasha speaks up regarding allegations against her

rupcare_peya bipasha speaks regarding rumor1

  Serious allegations of rape against him in Banani accused of domestic violence against Paribag Safat Saleh Chowdhury and his contact with Carlos, the singer Habib Rehan biyebicchedera background or with Bipasha Pia! In response to these allegations, the model-actress opened her mouth to a news media. Crying Pia Bipasha He was very proud of the press. Everyone has just ...

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Natural solutions to eye wrinkles

rupcare_under eye darkness

  The skin around the eyes is quite soft and soft. For this reason, the first bullfight around the eyes. Due to dry skin, excessive sunlight, insufficient sleep, age, smoking, hereditary, lack of nutrients, excessive weight loss, etc. can cause diarrhea around the eyes. If this is not removed from the beginning, then it is deeper on the skin. Today’s ...

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Rangana Ranaut seriously injured during shooting

rupcare_kangana injured

  Kangana Ranaut’s Rangoon could not show magic at the box office. So the actress is still thinking about her next picture mangrarnika. And that’s why Kangana does not want to keep any ambiguity in shooting this film. The sculpture of Mammals made about the life story of Jhansi’s Rani Lakshmibai For several days, the shooting of the shooting is ...

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Know the height of child according to parents size

rupcare_child height measurement

  All parents are concerned about the child’s physical structure. How long will the child? The idea of ​​this is the most. Researchers say a lot about how food chefs are eating them. But mathematicians now find a simple figure that can be known beforehand how long your son or daughter will be. Researchers believe that this calculation will not ...

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12 foods to keep your beauty & youth

rupcare_foods for beautiful skin1

  There is no real magic to actually reduce the body and skin. But there are some foods that are able to hold youth permanently. Every person wants to have young age at any cost to stay young. And if this goal is met through a few foods then what could be better than this. However, it is important to ...

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Mithila speaks about divorce

rupcare_mithila speaks about divorce

  The popular star pair Tahsan Mithila has been divorced in May. But they were not open to the issue. Last year, they worked together in several plays in Ramadan. It is known that for a long time they tried to meet the ‘trouble’ between them, but in the end they did not see the face of the light. This ...

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10 tricks of makeup with just a spoon!

rupcare_makeup with just a spoon

  What is the most useful thing in your makeup box? Would you say your favorite makeup brush, eyeshadow or mascara? What do you know, the most effective thing for makeup is the dolly spoon in the kitchen? By using it 10 perfect ways can make perfect makeup! 1) Remove the swelling of the eye Before going to sleep at ...

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Know your health condition according to hand

rupcare_health according to hand

  It is not just astrology, but there are some methods in medicine that can be seen by the hands of several diseases. This means that your hands carry some signs or signs of your recovery. How many such signs? Take a look at: 1. If there is red dye in place on the hand page: Those who have liver ...

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How Tahsan-Mithila love story begun

rupcare_how tahsan mithila love starts

  Then they were both students of Dhaka University. After the day of love, Tahsan was calling Mithila after leaving a flower at the door of the house. During the university’s reading, a meritorious student, Tahsan, became known as the vocalist Tahsan. Identity with Mithila at that time Mithila goes to Tahsan’s house with a friend, in a task. Tahsan ...

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Tahsan-Mithila Divorce!

rupcare_tahsan mithila divorce

  Eventually the media para rumors became true. The country’s popular star pair Tahsan-Mithila is going to be divorced officially Today, on Thursday 20th July, Tahsan officially divorced the issue of his divorce from his VeriPaypage. He wrote, we have been separated for several months. We’ve been thinking about the issue for a long time. Finally, I decided to stay ...

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Little Puja is now attractive heroine of Nurzahan film

rupcare_puja cherry

  Child artist Pooja Cheri has been finalized for acting as the heroine of this year’s 2nd film. Puja was read in the ninth grade of Cantonment Girls Public School in Dhaka. Puri Cherry has signed contracts in two films. Pujara was named as the heroine of photo 2 on April 6. Rowshan will play against her. New work comes ...

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Under arm darkness solution at home

rupcare_under arm darkness

  There are many black tinted stains in the underarm or armpit that look very bleak. The black spots below the armpit are not seen too much, but discomfort is felt to most people. This can be due to various reasons. Due to hereditary reasons, due to the use of extra deodorant and body spray, due to diabetes or sudden ...

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Niloy speaks about his divorce news on media

rupcare_shokh niloy divorce

  For a few days, local media has spread the news about the separation of the star couple from the neighborhood. The statement of Neil is also being published to make the news credible. But Nilay did not have any say in this matter with the media. Criticizing the media on its VeriPhide Facebook account, Nilaya has given a status. ...

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Danger of using smartphone in darkness

rupcare_smartphone use in darkness

  In the current era, smartphone fans can not live without a smartphone for a moment. Wherever I want to let the smart smartphone stay nearby. Night-time companionship smartphone Many of us use a smartphone in the dark room before sleeping. But experts say other things. Using a smartphone in the dark room can cause terrible damage. Without a smartphone, ...

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