Bappy-Mim secret marriage rumor!






Gosipe week, took place in local show-biz news meme-Bappi marriage. However, as the baseless rumor that claims the actor Bappi, mimera mother has also not clear.

Bappi-meme has secretly married! Even at the beginning of November, at a temple in Kolkata neighborhood, is also reported to have do that tomorrow. The issue is seen as a hero Bappi Chowdhury nityantai ridiculous. These issues in detail with the country’s leading online media Bappi said.

The news of the marriage has been quite angry mimera mother Vidya Sinha Saha picture. He married Mim know the whole Bangladesh. Why would her secret marriage! Moreover, the reputation of not being able to drop one of my daughter’s name. His manners, behavior, respect for seniors, in a friendly, always has been praised for starters.

The meme-Bappi are acting now together again ‘spots’, the name of a movie. Besides waiting for the debate to come to the dubbing unique Mamun ‘I want to be a’ film.
Bappi marriage is meme-like Bappi gasipe said mimera secret marriage with the comedy I did not remember anything else. I do not know why I was drawn in such a way. I love to work, going to work, and there are rumors. ”
It is not the first time that Bappi rumors of a marriage, the actress Mahi before, amcalasaha before the rumors of two more. And this time he has brought with Vidya Sinha Mim.

Bappi said, “Brother, I did not do anything to me, is the fifth to be married! Ridiculous incident.

Bappi-mimera waiting for the release of ‘I want to be. ” Since dubbing is released before the debate says that Bappi hero. He said, “I have to leave, you do not like a court of law. I want to stay on the job. And the manager about it and do not want to say anything. I was not the right thing. ”

Source: Ittefaq