Best Homemade Green Tea Face Packs for Glowing Skin


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Green tea cream and sugar scrub pack:

Take some green tea liquid and add a spoon of cream and a spoon of sugar of your choice to it. Make a smooth mix that can adhere to your face and gently scrub the skin in circular motion. Let it be on for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water,this is great for dry skin this winter.

Lemon, rice flour and green tea face pack:

Firstly, brew a cup of green tea and let it cool, by itself. Take a spoonful of rice powder and add the green tea extracts to it. Keep stirring it to avoid clumps of the rice powder. Keep the consistency a little thick, as you will be adding lemon juice to the mixture.Now, when the rice powder is nicely made into a paste, add drops of lemon juice as required and the pack is ready for use.You may also add a spoon of honey if you like! Use it for 15 minutes and wash off for brighter skin.This is great for oily skin that need scrubbing.

Green Tea and Milk Powder Face Pack

Take a bowl, add besan haldi and milk powder. Grind Oats in mixer and use this powder.Add this powdered oats to above mixture.Open used tea bag, take out its leaves and add it to above mixture.Now add rose water and make a paste.That’s all; your green tea mask is ready. Apply it on clean face; let it sit for 20 minutes, then wash face with warm or tap water and what you get is a sparkling, gleaming and very clear skin.This is for all skin types.

Green tea and lemon and besan pack:

Boil the green tea powder/leaves in the quantity of water required for the amount of green tea you have chosen and then strain the water and set this liquid aside in a separate container and allow it to cool off completely.To this tea add a teaspoon of besan and the required amount of lemon juice to make it into a paste. Now, apply this mask to your face, let it dry and wash it off . It may take a while to dry off, but you will love the after-effects of this pack.Oily skin and combination skin will benefit most.To see variations of this face pack, click HERE

Green Tea Face Scrub Mask

Take a small bowl and a spoon. Dip and let green tea bag be a little warm and moist. Now, open the tea bag from the upper portion and empty the tea bag into the bowl and evenly mix it with the spoon so that the green tea particles are separated properly.Now, take pure honey and in a spoon and pour the honey into the green tea that you have kept in the bowl and stir well to mix the green tea particles and honey.Now, this step is optional. Slice half of a fresh lemon and just squeeze it into the mixture so that 5-6 drops are added to the mixture of green tea and honey. If it is very runny, take 1 big spoon of rice flour and stir the mixture well so that it mixes properly.this will help with acne scars as well as oil control.