Father and Son marry two Sisters!

rupcare_father and son marry two daughter

  A Saudi man in his 70s has come under intense criticism on social media for marrying the sister of his son’s bride. In a drama that challenges the most complex fiction scenarios, the old man went to the home of a family in Al Qunfudha, a city in the Tihamah region on the Red Sea, to call off the ...

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Free WiFi Internet For Cox’s Bazar Tourists


  Cox’s Bazar sea beach is now covered with free wifi internet. Tourists who visit Cox’s Bazar sea beach can use high speed internet without paying any money. Three individual wifi routers have been installed at Laboni point, Kolatoli and Himchori’s salsa beach. Honorable state minister of ICT division Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak opened this free wifi program at laboni ...

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42 inch TV in just 10 thousand!

rupcare_42 ich tv in just 10k

  Samsung, LG, Sony’s famous brand LED or LCD TV market is going to get half the price of most stores. Customers are happy to buy half the price of the home. The first set of the TV screen, the picture quality is not too bad. But some days later came the rub. 41 TV sets RAB mobile court seized ...

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Nigerian man dies at 93, leaving 130 wife & 203 kids!

rupcare_man dies leaving 130 wife

  Mohammed Bello Abubakar a Muslim preacher in Nigeria who married about 130 women has passed away. He is also having few wives of his pregnant now. He survived about 203 children right now. At the time of 2008 Abubakar created a sensation on to the World by marrying 86 women. When the main stream media asked him about that ...

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Why girls are unmarried in this region of Bangladesh


  Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf people facing difficult times. In the last 7 years with the hope of changing the fate of Teknaf sea trawlers off the coast of Malaysia, rising amid the shoals of human Sabrang Teknaf border and coastal areas Shah has been vacant for 15 local youth. After the vessel in the absence of women in marriage, ...

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After marriage I have realized that peoples are so bad

rupcare_imran h sarkar with wife

  Mancha Imran H Sarkar headlines were so many reasons. For some time, however, he was behind the news. Education has recently married the daughter. Then again, some people are trying to stay status negotiations. Suddenly Monday (3 January) evening in his Facebook status line has one. The status of social media has been fished. 16 hours styatasatite the likes ...

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Funny thing woman did in massage parlor

rupcare_massage parlor fun

  There is no lack of interest in the massage parlor. “Rilyaksim body massage” regarding advertising in newspapers or see on lyamapostera question arouses, is exactly what the inside of a massage parlor? In order to reduce some of that curiosity has recently released a video on social media. What’s on this video? A young man went to a massage ...

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Malia Obama is going to Hollywood


  Former President Barack Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia Obama, is continuing to rack up entertainment experience in a new internship at major movie and television studio the Weinstein Company. The New York Post’s Page Six reported that its sources were talking about the former first daughter’s new gig in the days leading up to President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday. ...

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Brazilian woman who came to Bangladesh, has returned with sadness

rupcare_brazilian woman came to Bangladesh for love

  A middle-aged Brazilian woman, mother of three children, flew to Bangladesh after falling in love with a college student of Habiganj district. 47-year-old Selma Bezerra joined in wedlock with 26-year-old Abdur Rakib, eldest son of Askan Uddin of Halitola village in Habiganj’s Nabiganj upazila. The couple first met on Facebook nine months ago. They fell in love while chatting ...

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Soul stays 2 days after our death: Study suggests!

rupcare_soul stays 2 days after death

  The discovery that many genes are still working up to 48 hours after death has implications for organ transplants, forensics and our very definition of death When a doctor declares a person dead, some of their body may still be alive and kicking – at least for a day or two. New evidence in animals suggests that many genes ...

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At last Imran H Sarkar posted his photo with wife on FB time-line

rupcare_imran-h-sarkar with wife

  As a fierce discussed and popular Mancha spokesman said. Imran H Sarkar. He criticized some people for the same reason. Imran is the status on the sides of the discussion. Recently, the discussion came for different reasons. Purely private matter. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid has suddenly married the daughter Nandita Islam. Imran middle of last year to get ...

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Husband becomes millionaire by wife’s idea

rupcare_husband got success by wife's idea

  Be not deceived by a woman behind every successful man. How is it that the burning of Indore in Madhya Pradesh, India Jain couple of examples. The policy advice of the owner’s wife said her husband Gagan crore. However, it is not just advice, the principles behind the success of her husband’s work and talent. And success is not ...

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Bangladeshi-American woman Munira becomes face of anti-Trump protests

rupcare_BD American Munira in Trump Protest

  The image of a Bangladeshi-American woman wearing a striking look of defiance and a hijab made from the Stars and Stripes has become the face of protests against US President Donald Trump. Thousands of protesters carried the image of Munira Ahmed, 32, in Saturday’s marches against Trump who stirred controversies with his anti-Muslim and anti-migrant rants in the campaign ...

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Real story of Nasrin: So called wife of cricketer Sani

rupcare_real story of nasrin so called wife of sani

  The Information Technology Act, the Dowry Prohibition Act has filed a 0 million dollar player in the national team deserves Arafat Sunny’s wife Nasrin Sultana. Sunny summons issued in this regard. He has denied all the charges brought against Sunny Sunny and his family. Meanwhile, Arafat himself claimed as the legitimate wife Nasrin Sultana II. Sunny wants recognition from ...

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Sani’s family creating pressure to withdraw the case

rupcare_cricketer sani case

  Arafat Sunny and his wife Nasrin Sultana player in the compromise resolution demanding increased pressure. The two families are trying to compromise. Nasrin also being pressured to withdraw the case. Nasreen said on Tuesday morning, a lot of emphasis Economic Sunny. Moreover, being different from the pressure. Sunny’s mother several times on Sunday, and Tuesday’s (Nasrin) was requested to ...

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