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What balderdash ‘m thinking, is it? But in fact skin to skin a brilliant shine comes. Nutritious because it contains multiple components, which improve skin health, skin whitening and lively. Who does not want to say lighten the skin. So in the last few years has increased remarkably over the world so much euphoria beauty product. Beauty product, but the cost is much higher. So in writing this for you.

Khosate many types of fruit, such as nutritional supplements, so there is plenty of different types of vitamins. So experts advise to use them to enhance the beauty of the skin.

Others have only good for the body, orange and lemon peel, the fruit is not healthy at all Exterior. Dharana, but this is not true at all. So I’m going to tell you what the writing is beautiful skin skin, about that.

1. Banana peel
Multiple skin healing vitamins and nutritional supplements, as well as on the banana skin to skin plays an important role is bright and vivid. So at least twice a week in the face of banana peel ghasara good practice. It would be nice to see a little bit of skin has started on the same day.

2. Orange peel
Multiple prasadhanite made with orange peel powder is used. Do you know why? For beautiful skin is simply not an option for you. So if every day you can rub the face of orange peel, or it can be made at any phesapyaka, then all it takes to fulfill the dream of not having fair skin.

3. Papaya peel
Since the beginning of papaya shell has been used to make skin beautiful. Because of the multiple nutritional elements to highlight the important role the skin plays.

4. Pomegranate peel
It contains some elements which are part of the accumulated dead skin cells in the upper-layer removed. The normal skin pH level makes the skin shine.

5. Apple Peel
It has a large-scale properties of skin hoyaitanim. This is the reason that every day a little bit lighter skin started grids. In fact, the first apple to get a good result to exceed khosata. Add a little hot water and peelings cupful. You’ll see when the water is cold, then put it in the face of gradually drop. Just a couple of weeks to get the results that the red-handed.

6. Lemon peel
To highlight the role of the skin of the lemon juice and lemon peel, but one can not doubt that the same thing that many people do not want to believe it. But that is exactly the lemon peel powder face pack made of fruits mixed with fine grids are available. This mixes a variety of skin diseases, as well as to protect from light.

7. Pear peel
It contains fiber, which plays an important role to brighten the skin. In fact, it is not directly applied to the face in a bowl of warm water for a while, take a few minutes the water doused the left. Then the rest of the water and apply to face. Pear peel the skin once a month to see how lagalei face became lighter.