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Many are worried about their health. Health is going out day by day Do not really understand exactly how long your body will lose your health. Similarly, the doctors admitted in a statement that there is no alternative to stay healthy. The role of walking is very important for controlling blood pressure, controlling blood sugar levels, and weight loss. He can reduce the weight of scientific basis. Learn how to walk on how to reduce the weight of the scientific sciences.

Depending on how much weight you can walk, depending on two things. How much is walking and how much body weight In general, you can drop 400 calories for an hour to walk. If you can walk at an average of 6 kilometers per hour, then only 400 calories will be able to wither.

Simply put, if you want 100 pounds of calories to walk, you have to walk 2,000 feet. That is approximately one and a half kilometers. Experts say, to reduce the weight of 500 grams a week is enough to stay healthy. And to reduce this 500 grams of weight you will have to drink 3,500 calories. That is to say, if you are aiming to lose weight of 500 grams a week, you will have to burn 500 calories a day. For those who need to walk 8 kilometers per day.

How to walk?
Accepting anything, it does not take much time to become habit. Walk with him while taking the child to school, if the office is not too far from the home, walk instead of using bus or auto, walk a bit longer, instead of lift, stroll down the stairs, park a few miles away from the car, so that you can walk a little bit closer to the car. Is to come. In this way you can create your own walking routine by changing minor habits.
How to build walking habits?

To develop any habit, it has to be started in small steps first. Do not walk more than 15-20 minutes for the first three days. When it seems that habits have gone, then gradually increase the walking time. Time can increase from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.