How to reduce pain in chikungunya

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Chikungunya is a viral disease that is infected with the bacteria of the adis mosquito (Edis azepti and adis albitukas). The disease has recently developed. There are more prevalence in Dhaka, including Dhaka, in the vicinity of Dhaka. The main symptoms of this disease are fierce fever which is up to 104-105 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as severe pain which can cause pain in all areas of the body, in others, and pain in others or joints of hands and feet.

The intensity of the fever decreases within three to five days, but pain sufferers suffer from pain. The pain and pain can last for one and a half to two months. Especially older people are suffering from postpartum athletes or Joint inflammatory pain. At the same time, due to pain in many joints of hands and feet, these conditions are called polydreates in the medical terminology.

In this case, the patient’s hand and leg joints swell, it is difficult to move, it is difficult to wake up in the morning, such symptoms can be seen in other types of atheritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile athletes, osteoarthritis, etc. However, in this case, a specialist doctor can diagnose disease, clinical Examination, diagnosis of proper pathological examination through proper pathological examination Does it.

To do: 1. You can bake the affected joints with ice, in the towel or cottage cloth, it can bake 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes in the affected area, because it reduces the inflammation of the pain, but keep in mind that if the direct ice is not applied to the skin. Frost Bytes or Ice Burns May Be.

2. Since dehydration or dehydration occurs due to fever, it is necessary to eat plenty of oresaline, coconut water and fluid.

3. Since this type of fever is not good enough to eat aspirin or painkillers, there is a safe and efficient method of physiotherapy treatment to reduce pain. In this case, a physiotherapist physician prescribes various types of treatments, such as the electrotherapy, wax bath therapy, according to the patient’s current condition.

Dr. M Yasin Ali,
Chairman and Chief Consultant Dhaka City Physiotherapy Hospital, Dhaka.