How to washout all cockroaches in just 3 days!

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Almost everyone said, ‘I used so much, but cockroaches do not go away!’ Do not know why? Because, the products will not be used only. Use the right way. All the products to remove insects are made to destroy them. Initially insects die, but it comes back only to our misinformation method. Let’s tell you today, how I myself destroyed all the cockroaches in my house in 3 days.

Where is the cockroach or why?
The answer is that cockroaches are in all dark areas of the house and they are spread in dirt and garbage. Kitchen cabinets, shelves, bed linen, ceiling storage, old suitcases, kitchen etc. are their residence grounds. And so, do not expect that the clods of dolphocon will be destroyed until these spaces are cleaned. For a few days the medicine will be low, and then again. And so this destruction will be a very planned plan. 3 days of pain can get relief from a great pain for a long time.

What is the need?
To be honest, patience is patience and patience. And with that you have used Cockroach Contaminated products. I have used the Finnish powder and the heat spray (red). At the same time, cockroach chalk and some napthalin.

What i did
1) First of all, in the kitchen. Food sources are very close to the favorite places of kitchen cockroaches. The kitchen cabinets are cleansing in the first place. Believe me, here cockroach makes their first base. All the kitchen cabinets have been filtered out and filtered by the Finnish spray, sprayed the heat spray. Then quickly closed the doors of cabinets and quickly sealed all the spots, with thick skot tape. Otherwise there will be no benefit, the inner cockroach will come out and take refuge in other places. After the cabinets, the whole kitchen has been cleaned out by keeping all the tablets and food out. And the spread of panels in the kitchen of the house is in Finnish. Especially in the kitchen below and beneath the furniture used. I have made a Finnish spray in the basin pipe (there are lots of cockroaches here). Finally the kitchen door closed. I have given around the chalk spots to get as low as possible low cockroaches.

2) Then clean the other cigarette habitats in the rest of the house. In each place, we have used Finnish powders, sprayers, oil pipes, etc. as needed. Yes, it is important to drive in one place all over the place. Otherwise, cockroaches will be taken from one place to another and take place in other places. So the arrangements should be made that the refuge also does not match.

3) In the same way, until the next day. The next day you will be amazed to make all the places cleaned one by one. Because lots of dead cockroaches match. But do not be happy, because many more cockroaches are actually hidden in your house. Especially in the kitchen. And so in those places where the presence of cockroaches is still suspect, use the same method again in the past. The places that were left out in the previous day also Especially in the kitchen, certainly.

4) On the third day, clean all the things and organize everything used in the normal routine. But yes, around the Kitchen Cabinets and in all those places I have given the scarf stains. Do not let the new cockroaches enter the base again, and do not make the base. Clean the house, spray the heat, and cover all the rooms. Clear again after 4/5 hours. If the cockroach does not match now, know that the dolphocera clan is primarily removed.

What to do next?
Yes, all the cockroaches were killed, now it is the most important thing to do.
– Chalk spots have to be renewed regularly. I’m giving Rose.
Spray the heat in the kitchen sink pipe on the night of night (this spray has a neat water).
– Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong in the dark place of the house.
– Regularly wiping the house with Finnish liquid water mixed with water can be far away from the cockroach. In this case, gloves must be used while removing the cells.

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