How you are doing harm to your ear






Many cotton ear badasa into the ‘dirty’ or ‘open ear’ clean. Folks, the ears, the dirt is clean. But that is not all. But also serious damage to your hearing.

The American Academy of otolyaringolaji, Head and Neck Surgery Foundation, said the new guidelines, ear, ‘dirt’ What is not clear is safe. But hearing the first to admit that the cotton has been made clear by inserting badasa or matchstick. According to the guidelines, the body itself in the inner ear, ‘dirt’ is cleared. Ear ‘dirty’ itself is clean, old “dirt” itself comes out.

The most surprising thing is that you eat or bathe daily chew, and your ears to it, ‘dirty’ goes out. Othanamatei inner ear plays Rhythmic jaw chew “dirty” became clear, the experts say. Kos kos was ready to destroy the old to the new karnagahbare became clear during the hearing.

And when you try to clean the ears into something, it is counterproductive. Because when it came to the ears of a stick or a cotton badasera can be dangerous. “Year oyyaksa ‘or earrings, but Kahn mayalai various bacteria and fungus to protect. Many folks, this oyyaksa signs of subterfuge, but this misconception that doctors are dismissed.

Oyyaksa to clean the inside of the ear, paper, matchstick, Safety, tuthapika inserting into the ear of the Jungle had hurt others. Oyyaksa also goes into the inside of the Year. The impact on your hearing. So keep healthy ears away from such dangerous practices as superior.