Hridoy Khan again married!

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Singer Hriday Khan again married? Such questions are now in the showroom of the country. It is said that this marriage has been completed in silence. On September 9th, the ceremony was performed on the yellow festival and the formal wedding of 10th September was completed. Although the heart does not tell the media, but many close friends have confirmed. It is said that the bride’s name is Humayra. He is in Malaysia

Though the topic of the marriage was secret, the secret wedding photo did not. It has been found that his wedding photos with the new bride.

The woman who is wearing red sari with heart is claiming to be the wife of the heart. Their commentary, for a few months, that the girl had been seeing for a few months, her family saw her family.

Hridoy Khan did not call the phone when contacted to confirm the marriage.

Even Hriday Khan’s father’s music director Ripon Khan did not open his mouth about the marriage of the eldest son. He claims that he is in the meeting, cut the phone. The brother of the heart did not want to comment ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Hriday Khan also said in the media, ‘The girl is being seen from the family for the wedding. The decision of the family is my decision. ‘So this film is strongly focused on its authenticity of the marriage news.

This is the heart wedding of the heart. In the beginning of 2010, this music star married Purnima Akhtar. In six months, the family was broken. In 2014, the model was married to Suzanne. Her marriage lasted only eight months.