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It is not just astrology, but there are some methods in medicine that can be seen by the hands of several diseases. This means that your hands carry some signs or signs of your recovery. How many such signs? Take a look at:

1. If there is red dye in place on the hand page:
Those who have liver disease or cirrhosis problems, or those suffering from fatty liver, have reddish streaks in their palm. These symptoms are also seen in pregnant women.

2. For females, fingers are more tall than other fingers:
In men’s case, the middle finger or middle finger is usually taller than other fingers, in the case of women, the opposite is the opposite. But a global study conducted in 2008 has shown that women whose fingers in the middle of their fingers are longer than other fingers are more likely to be infected with osteoarthritis.

3. For women, if the index is longer than the other fingers:
The same survey has shown that women whose index finger or the first finger is larger than other fingers, are more likely to have breast cancer.

4. If the index is taller than other fingers in men’s case:
The men’s index finger is more prone to prostate cancer.

5. If the finger is swollen:
Feeling pain on swelling or folding the finger In many cases hyperthyroidism or thyroid growth signs. If these symptoms occur, contact the doctor immediately.

6. If the nails are faded:
The nails are reddish in normal condition, pressure on the nails becomes colorless, but only after a short period of withdrawal, they are reddish. But if the nails are faded in the normal state, then it is understandable that you are suffering from anemia or anemia.

7. If the semi-circular stain appears on the nails:
Wherever the nails rise, if there is a reddish brown spot on the nails, sometimes it becomes the internal internal bleeding symptoms.

8. If fingerpumps swallows:
If fingers are more swollen than other parts of the finger, then it is often the sign of heart or lung disease. In many cases it is also the symptoms of oxygen deficiency in the blood.

9. If the nails become green or gray:
Nails may be a sign of graying or green blood circulation problems. This can cause temporary pain in the vein or arteries.