Mahiya Mahi wants a cute baby like Shakib-Apu’s son


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Shakib-APU on Monday turbulent philmapara, social media, television, radio and newspapers. Top of the Country has become soundly Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas and their cuddly offspring of Abraham Khan win.

The discussion is not low. Meanwhile, he expressed the desire of his own at the top heroine Mahi mahiya. Facebook told to mind his own. Abraham’s children Shakib Khan, Apu-a cuddly like a child wants to win.

Mahi winning share photos wrote, “I will say to God every day, you’re right for him (to win), like give me a baby.

Maya answers, answers innocent eyes give a victory. ‘

Earlier on Monday, told private television channel News toyentiphorera live APU, 006 on April 18 in the presence of the producer mamunujjamana Shakeeb Khan was married to.
016 of September 7, was born to win. “