Meet real life “Vampire Couple”!


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Recently, a couple in Italy claimed to be their ‘vampire couple’. They are living each other’s blood to keep their ties afloat.

30-year-old Denis Alberto and 20-year-old girlfriend, Ellya, give an advertisement on Facebook for acting in circus three years ago. The couple there promised that they would drink each other’s blood like a vampire. But the matter does not bark each other like TV-movie, but rather instead of taking syringe from the body and taking blood out of the body.

Dennis said, ‘blood is a mythological physical juice. This is our life and symbol of our bondage. It gives new life to our love. ‘

This Italian couple is always together with their work. Currently they are working on a horror show held in Germany. At the ceremony, this vampire couple is playing the role of two vampires in the name of ‘Magno Dennis’ and ‘Pretty Pistol’ who are starving people in the dark of night.

But eating blood is not the only thing that they do in the shows. This strange couple lives like a vampire in real life. Even at home, they also drink each other’s blood. By eating this blood like vampires, they think it is a normal thing to wear a wedding ring.

Ellery says that she drinks Dennis’s blood more often to keep her beautiful physical looks. Meanwhile Dennis feared that when he became ill due to lack of blood.

The vampire couple, with the help of a good dentist, has sharp teeth like a vampire on their own. They are happy to eat their teeth by eating their teeth. Because it had been implemented which had their long dream.