Mistakes in life partner selection






Marriage is a big decision in life. But sometimes that can be seen, many without marriage had simply unlocked.
The marriage may be caused by the family’s own interest may be. The mistake is immediately, without thinking when choosing a mate satapamca was cut. He is to be regretted in the future. I’m sorry if you do not want this then you need to know when choosing a partner can not be any mistakes. Take a look at a list of the errors parena

1. First, choose your choice of many of the beauty of the soul. The idea, as the right partner who means beautiful people. But when his heart would be nice to see such a beautiful There are no words. The mistake people make the place.

2. All the work that comes forward to help her choose some as a partner. But after the wedding, you may not be happy with him. After marriage, she will remain the same because there is no guarantee.

3. For families were forced to marry. Many families prefer to marry against the wishes of the people, which later influenced his life.

4. Many marry for career advancement that helps bring success in his career, but are not able to be happy in life. I’m sorry to be so stupid the whole life itself.

5. Or someone who owns a lot of money to find a good job at all if he does not want to lose anyone. But that’s the wrong thing to go with the advice of others later on in life, do not mind the money should be seen choosing a mate. Such advice is not to give the people a future emanabhabei Choose for yourself mate.

6. Just get married because of love. Real life is much more difficult. Family, society and thinking everything you need to pick a partner. Your love life has not gone through. You also have to keep in mind.