Model Ishika Khan is Pregnant

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Renowned model and actress Ishika Khan will be a mother soon.

On Saturday evening, Ishika herself gave her pregnancy announcement via a video message on her Facebook profile.

“I am going to be a mother. That’s why I am really happy. A child is a gift from Allah. Everyone pray for me. I will take part in acting again after one or two years if I am well,” the model said in the video.

She said that her family had asked her not to take part in acting for a while. Ishika added that she cannot work now even if she wanted to, and mentioned that she was just taking a break from acting due to the pregnancy.

Ishika got married to Kayser Khan, the son of London-based businessman Kamal Khan, hailing from Moulvibazaar on March 28 this year.

The famous actress’s Gaye Holud was held on March 30th in Dhaka’s Mirpur area. The wedding ceremony was held on the next day and Ishika moved to Gulshan in her in-law’s house.