Mother given birth of twins after 123 days of death

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When he first learned that he was going to be a mother, he became frustrated with Brazilian Franklin D’Silva Jampoli Padillaha. Within two hours of life, the body of two souls were experiencing a little more. But 21-year-old Franklin did not know that this joy was only a few days. As soon as two lives increase in the womb, the life time is approaching.

In October 2016 Franklin died of cerebral hemorrhage in Franklin’s office. The womb twins are only 9 weeks old. Franklin’s husband Murriel Padillaha did not want to lose his wife even if he lost his wife. Two children are still growing in the womb. The doctors requested that they stay alive from their mother.

They did not disappoint Murali despite not expecting a special hope. After that, the baby is growing in mother’s womb for 123 days. Franklin’s mother-in-law was walking in the neurological ICU of the hospital under the leadership of Dr Dalton Riechem. Doctor, nurse, nutritionist, psychotherapist love, Baby Bump keeps care In order to ensure that the child can grow in a child’s heart,

In February, during the seven-month pregnancy, two of the children were born through C-section. Franklin’s heart and kidneys were then donated out of ventilation. Two of the children were released from the hospital in a healthy condition in May. Franklin helped spread the news spread throughout Brazil. Apart from financial support, many people are able to help with children’s clothes, nappies, and others. There is also a girl of two years of Padillaha couple.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Moore’s memories of that horror last night in Franklin’s life, I went to work in the garden. Franklin phoned to say that her head was tearing. It seems to be lying down now. I should come home.
I went into the house and saw trembling, trembling, shedding pain and continuously vomiting.

On the way to the hospital, Franklin told me to stay prepared. He will not go home again. Then it became unconscious. After taking the hospital, the doctors said that there was a lot of bleeding in the brain. After three days of testing and scanning, I was finally informed about my wife, Brain Dead.

Afterwards, at the request of the mueller, doctors began to wonder about the ultrasound. How to survive the embryo still alive! It was then decided to save the children.