Perfect Recipe for Sweet Yogurt (Mishty Doi)


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Mishti Doi Recipe is a traditional Bengali dessert of delicately sweetened curd. Mild, light and extremely addictive this makes a great dessert option when entertaining guests over an Indian meal. The sweetness is lent from lightly caramelised sugar and traditionally the curd is set in earthen pots. Serve the Mishti Doi at a dinner party or for a weekend post-meal treat.


3 cups whole milk
3/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon yogurt, whisked
1 tablespoon water

Directions for Mishti Doi Recipe (Traditional Bengali Sweet Yogurt)

To begin making the Mishti Doi Recipe place a heavy bottom pan on the heat. Add the milk and warm it on a medium heat.

Reserve 1/3 of the sugar and add the remaining sugar to the milk. Allow it to dissolve while the milk comes to a boil.

Turn the heat down and allow the milk to continue boiling until it reduces by half. Then, take it off the heat and set aside.

In another pan add the reserved sugar and place the pan on the heat. Keeping a low-medium heat allow the sugar to warm and melt, and you will notice it gradually changes colour to brown and starts caramelizing.

When the sugar is a light golden bubbly mixture, remove from heat and add a tablespoon of water in the caramelized sugar and pour it in to the reduced milk. Stir well until combined.

Let the milk cool slightly. Then add the whisked yogurt, stir well and pour the mixture in earthen pots or glass bowls.

Let the doi set in a warm place for few hours. When set ,store in refrigerator and serve chilled.