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One of the best rasamalai sweeter. Word has it all hidden. Juice and ice cream, it tastes tide flowing between these two words. And we mean that in any era rasikera Bengalis eat sweetened tariye tariye’m enjoying this. However, there is controversy over milk floating rasamalaiyera birth. Kolkata, West Bengal, said no one has been born to go on this sweet sweet manufacturers. However, another like a totally different team. Bangladesh’s Comilla district, famous for rasamalaiyera.

Let the debate to his own place, the taste of our work. So what! So what are you waiting, let’s learn to make wine and ice cream. Once you get a taste of hand-made rasamalaiyera the people you love the sweetened purchased from the store, and she does not eat, he is the oath.

serve 5-6

Only 5 minutes time packing materials lagabe

45 minutes of time to make lagabe


1. Rasagolla at 1215. II. 1 liter of cow’s dudha. 3. 4. Spoon cini 4-5. 5. Spoon badama 10-1. Pista 10-1 6. spoon. The amount of water is 7. 8: 1 teaspoon rose water. A small amount of kesara


1. The amount of water is like a bowl combine the nuts, and the water is pistata hatched. Photabena the water is at least 30-40 minutes.

II. 30 minutes later, nuts and pistata khosata up from the water beyond it. Then take them into small pieces.

3. Pour a liter of milk in the pot.

4. Boil Alpes dudhata heat.

5. Please note that if you grow dudhata.

6. Karaiyera the amount of milk mixed dudhata kesara well as move on.

7. Reduce the heat and continue to grow dudhata move stayed, until the milk pan pan is reduced by half.

8. Stay on the accumulation of milk collected in the sarata.

9. The amount of sugar mixed with milk shake dudhata again. Please note cinita better if the milk has melted.

10. Mix nuts and milk pistata.

11. After mixing the materials dudhata move on.

1. Rasogollaguli rasata times of the day down.

13. After all rasogollara each rasogollaguli milk and mix the juice bar.

14. The milk and 1 teaspoon rose water and mix with amcata closed.

15. Rasogollata milk well and move on. The diya karaita cover and let cool to room temperature dudhata.

16. When cold serve rasamalaigulo.