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Sabrina Porshi is a Bangladeshi singer. Sabrina Porshi’s career began when she became 2nd runner up in a Music talent hunt show, Channel i “Khude gaan raj”, in 2008. Porshi’s first song recording was for a movie in 2009 arranged by “Khude Gaan Raj” team.

Early life and music background
Porshi was born on 30 July to a Muslim family in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her home district is Brahmanbaria.[citation needed] Porshi lived at Uttara for 14 years. She moved to “Cambrian College” for to study commerce.

In 2007, Porshi took part in a singing competition named “Komol kuri” organized by the government, and became winner in “country song” category. In 2008, Porshi participated in Channel i “Khude gaan raj” Singing Competition, her first on-screen appearance. She became the second runner up.

Porshi started her music career professional when she was in “khude gaan raj” competition in 2008. She did her first playback in 2009.[citation needed] That was also her first studio recording. In 2009 she started the work of her solo album Porshi. She made the album with 5 music director. The album was finished in April 2010. The label “Laser Vision” released the album in Eid-ul-Fitr 2010.

After the first album, Porshi started to work as a playback singer from 2011.[citation needed] Her first recorded song in 2011 was “Kothao chile na tumi” with Arfin Rumey. On 14 February 2012 Porshi released her second solo album, Porshi 2. She also did playback songs in 2012. In 2012 Porshi announced her band named “Bornomala”.

In Eid-ul-Fitr she released her third solo album Porshi 3.

Music videos
Her first music video was “Tomari porosh” with Arfin Rumey, from her first album Porshi. This video was directed by Rommo Khan. Then Porshi made another three music videos from her second solo album in 2012. “Khuje khuje”, Shudhu tore and Boro Eka “Khuje khuje ft Arfin Rumey” and “Shudhu Tore ft ZooEL Morshed” and “Boro Eka”.

In 2013 Porshi made her 5th music video from her album Porshi 3. Porshi and the composer and co-singer of this song Imran acted in this music video.