Pregnant football team physician; the ultimate working mom photo





A pregnant football team physician in Oklahoma has inspired mothers everywhere with her persistence and professionalism on a high school sideline.

As reported by the Oklahoman, Putnam City North’s team physician, Dr. Megan Meier, found herself stuck with her three-year old daughter Kate when she had to serve at PC North’s football game on Friday night. That would be a chore of its own right, but it was made even more difficult by the fact that she is currently eight months pregnant with her second child.

According to Meier, she was left to care for her daughter on a game night when her husband was called away on short notice with the reserves. The photo which depicted Meier tending to a PC North football player showcased how the doctor pulled off her magic working trick: she carried 3-year-old Kate on her back in a carrier, with a snack for her daughter in one pocket and a cell phone readied with downloaded episodes of a popular toddler cartoon.

That is expertise, in more ways than one. The coup de grace?

“My belly balanced us out,” Meier said.

Since her photo was posted and went viral on Facebook, Meier has become a cause celebre for women nationwide, a rallying cry and modern day Rosie the Riveter for the working mother. She’s been touched by the entire experience, consistently reaffirming that it was the generosity of all who surrounded her that made the evening possible.

“Rather than make excuses, I think we need to find solutions,” Meier told the Oklahoman. “It’s so much easier to do that when you have a supportive network around you.

“If I had a referee or a coach in my ear yelling at me to get off the sideline, that would’ve been so difficult to do both jobs at once. But at all the places I’m working right now, everyone is so supportive of what I’m doing as a working mom and a physician. I get my job done, the appreciate that and they’re supportive.”