Prevent diabetes in 6 ways

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Diabetes is a lifetime disease. It is important to keep under control. Kidney disease, foot, cokhasaha various organs of the body are affected. Prevention is better diabetes. Some ways to prevent diabetes, according to health department boldaskaiyera jibanadharabisayaka website.

1. Keep in mind the weight
Definitely do not let weight gain. Maintain a balanced weight. Exercise alone is not enough to reduce weight, also should be eaten. Increase the weight of the food, avoid them or eat less.

And much to drink a glass of water half an hour before a meal. In addition, drink enough water.

2. Eat more vegetables
Place a dish of rice with less than the amount of vegetable dishes. Eat a variety of vegetables.

3. TV will not eat
Laughter is heard? However, experts say, is to eat more meals during TV viewing. So be careful while eating his meal alone.

4. Eat regular cinnamon
Place cinnamon to your diet. This will be stable blood sugarake.

5. Keep stress away
Try to mental stress. Mental stress can cause diabetes. Deep breathing exercises and stress management; Meditate.

6. Sleep
Sleep well every day. According to several studies, better quality of sleep can increase the risk of diabetes. So at least seven to eight hours of sleep per day.