Priyanka reveals relationship with Shahrukh!

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Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra have played together in two films together. To begin acting, the two started with love thrill. But none of them accepted. Many years later, Priyanka admitted that she had a relationship with Shahrukh.

‘Beawatch’ actress appeared on a talk show on a television channel recently. There he was asked about his airport style. And there the heroine mentioned a jacket. In this context, Priyanka said that the jacket is her ex-boyfriend. There was a swap during the flight. Since then, the jacket has remained with him.

Then Priyanka said that she did not want to return the former boyfriend jacket, but she did not want to give it. After the interview of Priyanka, the question began to arise, who was speaking to him! Then one of his fans wrote on Twitter, Priyanka then accepted the relationship with Shahrukh. Priyanka liked it earlier by getting the tweeted fondly. Later, however, the Unlawk did. Since the peculiar use of Priyanka, criticism has begun.
Many people have started making comments because Priyanka revealed that Jacket was the same as Shahrukh. Even a photo has been released that jacket.