Recent study says, lipstick gives good exam result!

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As the girls makeup, such self confidence increases, the results of the test are also good. Researchers from different educational institutions including Harvard University of the United States say so. They identified it as ‘lipstick effect’.

The researchers wanted to share the three groups of students and ask them to answer some of the common psychology questions. Before this test a group of girls are asked to makeup,

The good songs of one group of the students were heard and the third party was called to draw people’s face.

The group members who heard the songs are better than their results. But the best results are the makeup students.

According to researchers, the effect of lipstick improves self-confidence, behavior and personality.

This paper has been published recently in a newspaper. Researchers said that if makeup, positive reaction is seen on the minds of the girls.

They feel more attractive to themselves. This also increases their confidence. At the same time their studies are also good.