Salma is in anger!


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Close-up one a television star, Salma private popular music artists have been angry. Salma complaint informing him published in a live television show poster. Of course, there is more reason to be outraged at the poster for Salma Salma and the Beauty of the posters printed by the image of a small picture of a little-known person has been printed. Salma abhiyogamate, the artist has come to cleanse the reputation of the artists television channel. This is not just anger at Salma was very angry.

Salma social media on Facebook, said her sister was one of the fans do not have to live in today? Salma fell from the sky. Araitaya his live television program on Friday, but he did not know! He was surprised when he saw the poster. A little later, the day of Bengali bhisane posters have been referring to the live program.

Salma said that the country is being traded every day with the artists. According to the artist did not show it on the poster erenajamenta. All artists have to face this problem. Why? Who will help them?