Subarna Mustafa speaks regarding 2nd marriage

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Subarna Mustafa She is a well-known actress in Bangladesh. Well, well known, besides him, he is in the acting world and the audience is in a respectable place. When he stepped into acting, he used to read the ninth grade. Before that, in the early stage, he came in the hands of his mother in the radio drama. Then Suborna Mustafa is aged five to six. His mother then worked as a producer on Pakistan Radio. Subarna Mustafa was working as a child artist till the liberation war.

Recently, BBC gave an interview to BBC Bangla, Subarna Mustafa. There he grew up in different aspects of his life. Answer your own personal questions. The BBC has answered some questions about his life’s marriage, separation and new relations. At the beginning of the film, the rumors about the romantic relationship surrounding the actors of Subarna Mustafa were published on the pages of Vrutu. There was a buzz around Rasul Islam Assad. But what was the buzz that was going towards romantic fate? The BBC did not give any clear answer to such questions.

Suddenly, Humayun Faridi and Subarna Mustafa were tied in marriage. They have made 22 years of family life. The divorce took place in 2008. Of course, the separation was reported to the media by Subarna Mustafa himself. Later, the talks started with Subarna’s second marriage. After long period of separation, he was married to Badrul Alam Saud. Souda is younger than Subarna Mustafa at the age of age. How much did you have to deal with when you were married to Saud? Subarna replied in response to the BBC’s: “There was no compromise. Because when I decided that I and Farida would not be together, I did not. When I decided I would marry Saud and I did. The age of reading is so long-awaited. I always like to keep my personal life private ‘.

Subarna Mustafa also said, ‘Humayun Faridi and when I got married, I did not do so at the request of the audience. If you want to get permission from the viewer during the break or why you should say something to the sari?

However, respecting the audience’s curiosity, he said, “Yes, as a public figure, I know there will be a curiosity to viewers. So, try to stay open about relationships. I have informed the media about separation and second marriage because I am not doing anything against conventional law. And the second marriage is not the first thing that happened in the world, and it is not the first time that the groom is less than the ear. ”

Subarna Mustafa faced many social problems in the person’s life. But he did not care at all.

He said, ‘I do not care about this. And we got married after the divorce of Humayun Faridi. If we were separated after two years of marriage, it would have been a word. 22 years is a long time. 22 years is not a blunder. For many years 22 years of life are not many. So it does not seem to have anything to talk about. But any separation must be the grief ‘.

Why did not her marriage with Humayun Faridi? Subarna told the BBC- “mutual respect, friendship is very important in marriage. There is love but it does. But if the friendship and honor of the place become shaky then that marriage does not mean anything. Humayun Faridi did not live because she did not want to say much about her Suborna Mustafa.

Just said – ‘Now, I want to talk about the work of Humayun Faridi, I would say very little about the person’s forefathers as much as I want to say. Because he is not there to support his opposition or to disagree. So it is uncomfortable to talk about him. I had 22 years together. And there was no such situation, I did not. But the one thing that makes me think, ‘why such a big actor like Humayun Faridi will die so young?