Tahari Biryani sell will be stop from today in Dhaka!

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They like to have pity those cows and mutton. The lodge has been read to them at least for a few days. For the last few days are going on strike in the flesh. Like many of Kachhi biryani, khicuri roast beef, cattle or mutton barbecue does not match so easily.

Mansasunya cows and mutton from most hotels in Dhaka on Monday. Star hotel in a city known for barbecue and resturentere Faisal Ahmed told a manager at the hotel most of their cattle and mutton demand. Over the last few days Kachhi biriyanisaha associated with cattle and mutton meals, they can not create.

Another hotel manager said, on an average day, they used to sell a hundred packets of biryani Kachhi. But since the start of the strike Kachhi ribiyani meat traders have closed.

Meat businesses, stop the extortion and has a few more demands for the implementation of the strike. As a result, the city-side of the market and laid off almost half of the meat shop Bangladesh Meat Traders Association General Secretary Rabiul Alam says.

He alleged, in many places due to excess money and donations to beef sold at Rs 450 per kg to arise without being offset. However, the city’s elite hotels in cattle and mutton items. The shops of the elite super-cows and mutton being sold.