Talk to your wife everyday to keep heart well!

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Want to stay good? Listen to the wife, spend time with her. Due to keeping your heart and heart healthy – talking to a partner. Researchers are advised to take the time out to talk to their wife. If you are tired of returning to the office, or if you feel anxious to go to bed, spend time with your spouse, discuss positively.

Talking to your wife will ensure the health of your heart. A recent study by US researchers found that positive communication with a partner reduced the risk of heart attack or stroke.

NATRIA Joseph, a researcher at the Los Angeles Healthcare System in California, USA, said: “The relationship with thicker carotid arteries is seen with more negative communication with the partner. Carotid artery is the blood vessel which transmits blood from the neck to the brain. Relationships with thick carotid are found to be related to increased risk of heart problems.

Researchers say that those with less talk of positive communication with the wife are at risk of heart attacks or stroke in the future, in eight percent of the cases.

The researchers analyzed the data of 280 middle-aged couples for this study. Researchers have claimed that emotional, physical relations, etc. are intimately involved in positive talk. These issues have a major impact on health.

The results of the study have been published in the Live Science magazine. Researchers Joseph Dave, however, said that there might be a link to a positive relationship with thick carotid arteries. However, this is not causal national relations.