Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Lover

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When we are in love, we are always excited about doing something great for our special ones. In this process, we do not realise that we are going overboard. This might even look bad to the other person without our knowledge.

In this article, we are here to share some of the most dumbest things that you need to avoid doing in front of your crush and goofing it up. When you have a crush on a person, you are more conscious and nervous to express your thoughts. This makes it easy for you to goof up even more.

To avoid all this chaos, you need to keep your feelings under control and not show them that you are really excited to even talk to them. This can make you look like a puppy! So, control your mind over your emotions and take little baby steps instead of rushing on to things.

Read on to know more about the various dumb things that you need to avoid in front of your crush.

Speak Clearly
This is the first thing a person notices. Be clear with your words and do not stammer and stumble with your words. This makes your crush think that you are nervous. They might even ignore you, thinking you are not a confident person. So, make sure you are clear with your words and make sense while you talk as well.

Watch Your Laugh
Do not laugh unnecessarily or laugh too much even when the joke is over. It simply makes you look dumb. If you laugh for every other sentence, you might be overdoing it. Remember to involve them in the conversation, otherwise it can make them feel you are self-obsessed.

Never Stalk Them
Just because they are your crush, it does not mean that you stalk their profile every time you log into your social site, just to check on them. This makes you get obsessed about them and this is not healthy. This is one of the things that you need to avoid.

Be A Friend
Getting friend-zoned is the most terrible thing that can happen to anybody and it is the worst, if it is your crush. To avoid this, you need to be confident enough to make them feel comfortable in your zone and let them talk to you like nobody else is watching. This helps them to connect to you easily and relate as well. These baby steps will make them fall in love with you slowly.

Use Your Body Language, But Do Not Overdo It
If you are talking to your crush and biting your lips all through the conversation, it is not a great scene to watch trust us. This can make them feel that you missed out on your chap stick! Trying to get their attention with these gestures is not a great idea. So, make sure you do not overdo it!