UGC given caution against 16 universities

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The Commission has warned 16 private universities about the admissionary admission before the results of the Higher Secondary Certificate. There are complaints about the conflict between the board of trustees, the suspension of the court without the permission of the court, or the start of educational activities. Apart from this, there are 43 vice-chancellors and treasurers of 95 universities.

The universities are:

1. University of Ibis

2. Amarka Bangladesh University

3. Queens University

4. Southern University

5. University of Science and Technology

4.Silat International University

5. Britannia University

6. Prime University

7. Rabindra Maitree University, Kushtia

8. Central University of Science and Technology, Dhaka

9. Rabindra Shrishrala University, Keraniganj

10.Am Shamsuzzoha University, Nawabganj

11.Anore Khan Mardan University

12.GunnWorld University

13.Darul Ihsan University.

University Grants Commission chairman Prof Abdul Mannan said, if a vice-chancellor is appointed, he will be given more salary allowance. Because of not giving it, there are many boards who want the Vice Chancellor to be a bona fide employee.-