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It is a difficult time for a woman to have a baby. But when he took his newborn baby in his arms, all his troubles disappeared. But the next weight of pregnancy is not easily reduced. Especially in Caesarean, it takes a lot of time to reduce belly fat and go back to the previous condition and it is important to be positive. Most women spend their life on this changed condition because they can not believe that this temporary extended belly is reducing again. If you observe some of the following Caesarean rules then your stomach can be flushed again. It is not very easy to reduce fat in any type of stomach and if the Caesarean becomes worse, then it can not be standard abdominal exercise. However, alternate ways to reduce the fat of Caesarean posterity. Let’s not know about the main steps.

1. After the C-section, the best way to lose weight is to breastfeed the baby. The baby should be breast fed for 6 months only. This will reduce the excess fat of your stomach.

2. The first six months after delivery is very important. At this time pregnancy hormone travels and all body fat is poured down. Weight loss is very difficult if this fat is concentrated. Start some common exercise such as walking.

3. If you want to reduce stomach fat, you only have to go after belly belly without having to eat, sleep and wash. Although it is a lot of annoying, you definitely will get good results.

4. The best way to reduce stomach fat after the C-section is the Yoga. Belly muscles become stronger after breathing.

5. Water protects body fluid balance. You may be surprised to hear that the water helps to remove excess fat from the intestines. So drink plenty of water daily, it will take lesser hunger and fill your stomach.

6. Excess energy for carbohydrate needs milk when giving milk to the baby. You also have to eat proteins, fruits and vegetables. But refrain from eating ghee, butter and sweets.

7. Associate Medical Director of Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, Miami. Danine Fruge gave some tips for new mothers about healthy eating,

• Must go back to the main food ie eat fruits and vegetables

• If you eat healthy food you will not have a strong desire to eat. So, as you are pregnant, you have to stop yourself from eating as much as you have wanted.

• Do not be starving. This will cause harm to you and your baby.
You will not be able to exercise heavily for some days after caesarean surgery, do not be frustrated that you do not get your previous size back. Be patient and take the matter positively and try. You will definitely be able to reduce the stomach fat.