What Apu is planning in Abram’s birthday?

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Coming on 27 September. Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas’s son Abram Khan Joy’s first birthday. This is a special day in the life of Apu and Shakib. Apu-Shakib planned various plans around the day And from now on, there are different calculations.
How to make the day more colorful Apu said that he was planning to organize a program on a large scale on the first birthday of Joy.

Invite everyone, including close relatives, media workers, co-workers. But she did not want to tell the details of the show and now, the heroine.
On April 10, popular film actor Apu Biswas came in public with the child of the child.

After being married on April 18, 2008, with Shakib Khan, they had this child in Calcutta on September 27 last year. Long-time house-houses also have their own. Apanti Biswas converted from Apu and married Shakib, named after the name of Apu Islam Khan.

Recently, Apu acted as a model of various products of Navana with the filmmaker Riaz. These advertisements have been made jointly by SM Salahuddin and KS Fahim. The last of Ramdev’s Eid (Last Ramadan Eid) film ‘Politics’ directed by Bulbul Biswas is released. Meanwhile, Shakib is currently shooting for ‘Chalabaj’ photo shooting in London.