rupcare_bhumi weight loss

How Bhumi Pednekar lose 21 Kg weight in just 4 months

  Akshay Kumar and Bhoomi Peedniker’s latest movie ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Talk’ is now Bollywood’s talk of the town. More ...

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rupcare_adnan sami weight loss

How Adnan Sami became 230 kg to 85 kg!

  The day was on 6 June 2006. Adnan Sami, after eating a big piece of cheeses, boiled beans and ...

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rupcare_reduce 10 kg in 14 days

Reduce 10 Kg weight in just 14 days

  Add eggs to your fitness regime. The benefits of getting it in 14 days will be the benefits. According ...

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How Sonakshi reduces her weight

  ‘I’m here to be a hero, I do not have to do the zeros!’ Once in an interview, Sonokhi ...

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rupcare_child height measurement

Know the height of child according to parents size

  All parents are concerned about the child’s physical structure. How long will the child? The idea of ​​this is ...

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rupcare_smartphone use in darkness

Danger of using smartphone in darkness

  In the current era, smartphone fans can not live without a smartphone for a moment. Wherever I want to ...

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rupcare_be rich at 30

How to be rich within 30 years of age

  The rich have talked about a number of ways to be rich, which can be rich if it is ...

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rupcare_birth mark

Do you know the meaning of birth spot?

  In almost every part of the body of a person, birthdate can be seen in some or no part ...

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