10 things woman sees in man







Many men do not know how to get back on the road-with women they met. Some among them were particularly attracted to their vision. Well, or literally, looking at the man as if he did not stay longer. But when the girls looked at the boy, then turned their eyes first? A recent study carried out to find the answer to the question of the Amorites World Lifestyle Management Agency. As a result of their survey jumped to 10, boys and girls who look at this time, which was at the first sight. Come to know itself

1. The boy looked at any of the following: In general, no strangers to look at that side of the girls looked in their eyes. In that case, the man is looking at, or what sees, he can look at. On any side of any man, that is indicative of its mindsets. As a result, they want to have an idea about the girls looked at the man’s eyes.

2. The boy how clean: clean all the girls are always very important. Naturally, when they look at a man, how to clean the child has been verified. How is she dressed, or how clean his shoe. He wants them to understand how much they believe in a personal haijine.

3. What kind of boy is wearing: a man’s dress her social position, personality, taste bears all things. No man’s clothing to look the girls want to have an idea of ​​the subject.

4. How about the boy’s body language body, especially the body language mirrors that of the mind, the new Needless to say. For example, if a man is sitting in the gopanatapriya closed fist. Sit tight spine that is, for any reason he is excited or anxious. Body Language, a son of the daughters of these factors weighed in the mind wants to get a glimpse.

5. The boy is wearing shoes on his feet: like clothes, shoes, a man speaks a lot about him. What is the current status, as well as a man, he’s about to find shoes. For example, if you are the kind of shoes to a job interview, party with friends when he separated from his kind of shoes to wear. The girls looked at a man’s shoes considered to ignition.

6. How attentive boy AUDIENCE: If you have a child with his friends or acquaintances, then noticed a girl looked at her, how she was attentive listening to others. All others are listening to the mentality of the child whether he is trying to understand. That people are not willing to listen to others, he usually can not win the hearts of girls.

7. How expensive child: a shopping mall or a busy shopping mall when there is a boy, then a girl looked at her and tried to understand, spending his money like a hand. That boys and girls will be more expensive choice at all, it is not. Bujhesune costs that the boy, feeling more at its discretion, you have an idea that a lot of girls.

8. The boy treat others is: How are mingling with the people around him friends, saying that the key to his introductory psychology major. Asapasera with people’s use of any of the girls try to understand her mentality.

9. How frequently the child laughs: open heart laugh that man, in his mind the idea of ​​conventional That explains. Again, the words that laugh, her sense of humor is indeed very subtle. A plethora of laughter at the girls about her son wants to take up the idea of ​​such a thing.

10. The boy did not know Manners: When the elevator door opened and the woman standing next to the ‘Ladies First’ forward to that man, elderly man standing on a bus or give up his seat in a separate yubaka tend to attract women to them all the time. So take a look at the girls want to look at the boy, the boy did not have a sense of chivalry.