10 tricks of makeup with just a spoon!

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What is the most useful thing in your makeup box? Would you say your favorite makeup brush, eyeshadow or mascara? What do you know, the most effective thing for makeup is the dolly spoon in the kitchen? By using it 10 perfect ways can make perfect makeup!

1) Remove the swelling of the eye
Before going to sleep at night, keep two tablespoons of the fridge. Take out the morning in front of the spoon and keep it on the eye for a while. The blood flow below the skin will be better, decreased swelling.

2) The perfect wing can give the aleiner
Turn the spoon on the eye and take it by the edge of the eye, The shape of the perfect wing will come without any thought.

3) Avoid spraying of pistachios
At the end of the skin at the time of the fishery spread, the rest of the makeup barrels. The other shock is to raise the spread of the fisheries. To get rid of these, hold a spoon on the top of the eyelids and then put the mashakara. Keep the skin under the eyes while giving the following leaf. The skin will not spread on the skin.

4) Fix a broken shadow
After the break, the eyeshadow used to be inappropriate. But many people do not want to throw things out of the hobby. What to do in this situation? Rubbing spirits or a few drops of glycerin on this broken isadora. After this, press down with a spoon on the back of the scalp. Eyeshadow powders. It will be as new as it is.

5) Curl the eye petals
Many people are scared to think of curling the petals of the eye. But it’s okay to see that the Ilysses curls look so beautiful. Metal spoon can be used instead of Ilysses curlers. Spoon a little warmer with a hair dryer. Take a spoon on the petal, then press the fingers with the tip of your fingers and curl the petals.

6) Keep the shapes right while drawing the eyebrows
Turn the eye on the eyelid. Then follow the spoon and fill it with the shape of the perfect shape.

7) Make lipstick of color as you wish
It is often seen that there is no need to find useful lipstick. Other color lipsticks do not agree with clothing or makeup. You can quickly prepare lipstick with useful color, using spoon. Pick a favorite eye shadow or bronzer in a brush. Then mix it with a spoon of petroleum jelly and mix it in this color. Lipstick became diameter.

8) Fix facial contour
Reverse on the cheek bone by a side of the ear and hold a spoon. Then apply the choice Blush or Bronzer.

9) Remove acne
Sitting in the makeup to go to the ceremony, suddenly noticed that a skin on the smooth skin flew over. Even if you makeup on it, it will be very awkward, then the way? Put a light spoon in a hot water and make a spoon. Then put this spoon on the acne. Wait till the spoon becomes cold. Then do makeup as you wish.

10) Marble effect can give neolpolition
Take the spoon on your favorite two color nail polish. Then make a marble effect with a black clip or toothpick. Then carefully apply the nail side to the nail polish. Dry the top coat nail polish and dry it up.