106 years old cooking teacher gone viral on facebook!

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Mustangam is 106 years old. Even though he scored a century on the day of his life, he did not get any chance. He has created a storm on social media through YouTube. The oldest online star has made him the pot of cooking like ‘Droopy’.

A YouTube channel named ‘Country Foods’ has been opened by Mustangamma, a resident of Gudivada village in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. There he shows all the traditional cooking methods. How to cook watermelon-chicken or how to make the French fries in the shade of the village trees, you can also learn from these funny recipes from mastanta.

But Mastanammar’s hands are behind his grandfather Laxman and his friends. If you are impressed by the grandmother’s cooking, then the intelligence comes to you on YouTube. Laksman said, ‘I wanted to show everyone how to cook the tradition in the previous days.’

‘When we were doing the video, he (Mohantama) did not know what was going on. But he was very happy to know later, “said Laxman.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already seen videos of Mastanar cooking Various comments are appreciated by cooking. He loves everyone called Dadji.