12 foods to keep your beauty & youth

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There is no real magic to actually reduce the body and skin. But there are some foods that are able to hold youth permanently. Every person wants to have young age at any cost to stay young. And if this goal is met through a few foods then what could be better than this. However, it is important to know that youth should not only show body and skin in order to maintain youth but also internal organs of the body should be young and it is possible only when proper food will be taken.

The first thing that needs to be done to maintain the right youth is to drink plenty of water. This water is possible to remove all the inconvenient conditions of the body. It helps in reducing excess body weight and maintaining healthy body condition. The water is God’s graceful drink, which has numerous health benefits. So to maintain the youth, it is necessary to start with water first.

Then you are told that the list of youths holding youth is their list

Green tea or green tea
Herbal Tea is a beverage that is widely acclaimed for its youth. Green tea contains many nutrients and minerals, such as antioxidants that helps keep the skin smooth and in-house.

Although this fruit is not available in our country, but is found in our country. This is a food to keep youth. The high levels of Vitamin E and antioxidant-rich fruit not only protect the skin and body, but also help in the reconstruction of dead and broken cells. Moreover, it is a blessing to show skin always fresh.

Dark Chocolate
Cocoa is a very nutritious source of proteins and rich in vitamin B, which also provides good quality of hair. It also helps to reduce weight by burning excess fat in the body.

The carrot preserved from the time of wearing a bucket. It is a good source of Vitamin A that fixes any damage to the cells, black spots on the skin and unusual color. Playing regular carrots makes the skin bright and youthful. It also keeps the blood flow of the surrounding skin to the eye.

In the words, an apple keeps the doctor away from the day and keeps him away from old age. Applied polyphenyl works against free radicals which damage the cells, waste the resistance and cause premature aging. Apple also has high fiber and antioxidants.

High vitamins, minerals and potassium-rich blueberries act against aging and reduce the inflammation of the skin.

Red grapes
This fruit works excellent in keeping the body healthy and preventing aging.

Dark-colored green leafy vegetables
Dark green leafy vegetables Fiber, vitamins and minerals are the source of energy. These foods help keep the heart healthy and also reduce the weight.

Barley and grain meal
These crops are famous for food fiber. It also contains vitamins and minerals, so they work against weight gain, also work against cardiovascular disease and other senescent diseases.

Tropical almond
To improve the elasticity of the skin, selenium is a useful ingredient that is in wood nut. There are also components to work against cancer.

Potato bokhara
Potato bokharara is a natural lactic and anti-aging quality that is appreciated by older people around the world. Besides, this fruit is rich in high levels of antioxidants, food fiber and Vitamin A. Whether it is eaten fresh or dried in any way, this fruit is one of the youngest to keep youth.

Black and red bean seeds or kidney beans
The last meal on the list of youth retention is black and red beans or kidney beans. Because it contains a lot of food fiber, potassium and protein. These nutrients give a good amount of nutrients in the body as well as keeping the heart healthy.