12 strange problems of tall girls!

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Girls usually look taller than boys when they are a little longer. And there really is no reason to be tall. 5 feet 6/7 inches of girls look very tall. If it is too long, the girls are very in danger. Especially in our country the problem of long girls is a little over. Because most of the girls in our country are not usually seen. Many people get annoyed to hear the surprise and different kinds of comments when people go out. There are also many strange ways to face strange humorous problems.

(1) Wherever they go, everyone asks about height
From friends to family members to job interviews at least once, ‘How tall is your height’? Especially when a shorter man of a choice hurriedly raised this question then many people fall into shame. There are more problems when everyone questions ‘everyone is tall at home’

(2) Everyone wearing a heel shoe looks awkwardly
Girls can wear a little heel shoe. Because the shoes were made for the girls. But the girls can not ignore the girls, but they can not look at Hill. Not because of your own problem. Because all the same words are ‘tall enough, what is needed to wear a heel again’.

(3) The groom is not able to find the groom and the groom for marriage
A lot of girls have to face this problem. To find a vessel for marriage, shorter or tetanu than yourself, forced to bowl in the neck of her own necklace, many girls

(4) The only tall girl in the circle of her friends
Many girls are not only friends, but many girls are too long for many boys and girls. When we go somewhere together, we have to face a lot of strange situations in the long girls.

(5) Two tall girls also look at one another
Since a long girl is not seen in our country, when a long girl sees another long girl, they exchange views or smile. Because both of them know the situation of both and both of them are convinced.

(6) Seeing someone who looks shorter than me
After getting annoyed to get tall titles all over the place of life, when a person is seen who looks shorter when he sees himself, it is a strange humorous feeling. It seems that the person who has been bitten by the length of time can be annoyed with it for a long time.

(7) Propose love or marriage from a shorter boy
The most ridiculous, the problem is that the long girls are the ones who get the offer of love or marriage from a younger boy than themselves. Because no one can be told on the face ‘you are short’.

(8) Do not wear your own clothes and shoes
Being the most troublesome of the tall girls, dressing in your own clothes and not finding shoes. If you want to find a lot of clothing or shoes, you can not find it. The shoe that is taller than the leaves of the other is equal to the knee for long girls. To make clothes, a lot of clothes require long girls.

(9) The problem of photographing with friends
While taking photos, everyone is standing behind tall people. Everything is difficult, only when the height is cut due to the height of the film or to stand respectfully to protect the respect of friends.

(10) When to be used as a landmark
If someone is lost in the crowd, then the phone can be contacted, but it is easy to see a tall man. When friends are with your friend, friends tell you about your name, ‘I will be able to see him’.

(11) Name all of the strange
Another problem that bothers me is the strange naming. Become known as strange, funny, lumber, buggy, and dumb, in the friendly.

(12) People think that the girl is a model or basketball player
There is no limit to the curiosity of people with long girls. They think that the girl is probably modeling the girl or they are basketball or volleyball players.