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Henna Hair Oil for Hair Growth & All Hair Problem Solution

rupcare_diy henna hair oil

  Henna is a wonderful ingredient to use for our hair and this traditional henna hair oil made with henna leaves and coconut oil is very good for the hair. I have a henna tree in my home and I love to use the fresh henna leaves for all my preparations. The smell of freshly plucked henna leaves is so ...

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Amazing ways to attract your loved one

rupcare_things that create attraction to love

  When it comes to creating a long-lasting relationship, it takes more than just “heat” and “chemistry.” In this article, David DeAngelo reveals four ways ANY man can create the powerful, enduring attraction that’s at the heart of every great relationship. Ever watch a great dance team perform together? It’s really amazing to watch.They seem so connected, able to anticipate ...

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Fatty Foods That Make You Skinny


  You are NOT what you eat. If we were what we ate, then people who ate lots of hot dogs and pork chops would be solid walls of muscle. People who ate lots of pasta would be stringy and fat-free. People who ate lots of pecan pie would be Zooey Deschanel (sweet, but nutty and flaky). And people who ...

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Don’t break up easily for these reason

rupcare_don't break up easily for these reason

  Have you ever observed a hostile couple and thought, Why do they stay together? When I was a rookie therapist over a decade ago and encountering such partners, it was a case of the more you know, the less you understand. That scared me since a master’s degree in social work meant I should have had a leg up ...

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What is the perfect age to become a Father

rupcare_perfect age to become a father

  There was a time—at the dawn of the decade, before our children—when my wife and I walked upright like liberated apes, chins jutted out, confident. Back in the day when New York seemed an expensive playground, tailored for a young married couple thrilled with each other’s company, the antics of both cats, the whirl of each week. Jobs a-coming-and-a-going, ...

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Important Skin Care Tips After Doing Facial

rupcare_skin care tips after facial

  1. Do not scrub your face with any exfoliating pack or scrubber at least for next 5 days. This would irritate your skin as it has already gone an intense scrubbing routine during the facial. 2. Do not use harsh or sub-standard soaps and face wash. Thai Square Spa always recommends using a gentle and foam cleansing type face ...

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Tips for using your beauty products for long time

rupcare_keep your beauty products for longer

  Every time I thought my makeup collection was complete, it would so happen that one of my old products would run out and I’d have to replace them. Since my mom pays for most of my ‘ventures’ I would have to listen to an hour long lecture about responsibilities, loose hands, carelessness, ‘money don’t grow on trees’ etc. So ...

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Prevent & Repair Hair Breakage Easily

rupcare_repair hair breakage

  We have all experienced breakage at one point or another, but there are definitely ways to avoid it and to minimize it as much as possible. “Breakage usually occurs from overly processed hair and from excessive coloring, and heat. I believe as long as you do everything in moderation, you and your hair will be just fine,” says Drybar ...

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Skin Care to get special look in Eid

rupcare_skin care before eid

  Eid is a gift for Muslims from Allah in reward of one month fasting. Throughout the year Muslims wait for this festival and they celebrate Eid day according to religious and cultural values. People meet their relatives, hug each other and exchange gifts. Women and young girls do not spare any moment of their preparation. Though we are suffering ...

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What is the perfect age to be pregnant

rupcare_optimum age for pregnancy

  According to a new study 29 years-old is officially the right age for getting pregnant and trying for a baby What’s the best age to have a baby? A major study from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists brings together all the new research on how to maximise your chances of getting pregnant. They report that the average ...

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7 Beauty Secrets of Egyptian Woman

rupcare_egyptian beauty secrets

  When you think about Egyptian beauty, you immediately think of the beautiful Cleopatra, who captured the hearts many, Egyptians and Romans alike. Cleopatra wrote books about her beauty secrets, so we know some of the ancient Egyptians secrets of beauty. The ancient Egyptians had no pharmacy to go to buy a bottle of manufactured beauty product; they just relied ...

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Food That Keeps You Fit In Whole Life

rupcare_healthy food

  Successfully fit people are successful not because of good luck, birth order, or family heritage but because they have adopted the right habits. They do things differently than the rest. To be a successful person, you must adopt the habits of success. ADVERTISEMENT Featured Stories 10 Healthy Food Swaps for Losing Weight – For Dummies DUMMIES.COM How to Get ...

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Olive Oil Prevents Breast Cancer

rupcare_olive oil prevents breast cancer

  A Spanish study generated worldwide headlines when its results suggested that eating a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil was linked to a lower risk of breast cancer. Still, before you run out and buy a gallon of olive oil, there are some important points about the study you should know. First, the study was designed to ...

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How you ruining your life without even realising it

rupcare_how we are ruining our life

  Life, as we all know, is not a straight line. There’s no concrete set of stages which every person passes through according to the same timetable. You’re not under any obligation to finish your education, raise a family, or start a career by a certain age. You don’t have to get married at 25 and become an executive at ...

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