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Mango caution during pregnancy

rupcare_mango caution in pregnancy

  The time to enjoy the whole summer mango. Delicious rice mango or mango Anything that I like to eat, it is also beneficial for the body. But if you are pregnant, then you have to adhere to some alarms about eating mango. While eating mango is very nutritious at this time, there are some risks. Find out how to ...

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Deep relation can breakup in just 3 mistakes

rupcare_relation breakup

  Many strong and deep relationships can be lost due to some mistakes in marriage. Especially those who have got married recently thought that the matter is important because of John Hal, a Houston-based relationship expert at Texas. He often counseled couples with many problems. According to him, enough to destroy at least three toxic wrong relationships. Know them 1. ...

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Katrina’s first instagram photo gone viral

rupcare_katrina viral instagram

  It’s like the storm in the debut match. Not a player. I’m talking about Katrina Kaif Surprised, though, Katrina has opened her Instagram account just a day ago. And in the first picture posted a storm in the heart of the fans. Katrina is standing in front of the camera in the open body with a towel. The famous ...

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How to identify a terrorist tenant

rupcare_terrorist tenant

  The Dhaka Metropolitan Police has been distributing a leaflet of 20 types of militant tenant. It has been said that the militants do not have specific occupations. They do not have much furniture in their home. They are mostly inside the house. They cook in small haypillas. On Saturday afternoon, such leaflets were distributed among the people present in ...

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Kolkata actress real age & income

rupcare_kolkata actress

  It is said that the newspaper circulation of newspapers, boys ‘salaries and girls’ age is never correct. And if it is a celebrity, then there is no word. The actual age after the fierce makeup is covered. There is no way to understand how accurate age is. Every lap in the body is still as it was in 25-30 ...

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Actress banned for being extra attractive!

rupcare_actress banned for extra attractive

  It is natural to be headache bad many head! Cambodian actress Danny Quan has to be banned from appearing in the movie industry, where the world-famous heroes are searching for an affable heroine. The 24-year-old actress has been banned for 1 year by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. This step has been taken to maintain a healthy environment in ...

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How To Treat An Infected Ear Piercing

rupcare_ear ring infection

  When you get your ears pierced — whether at a tattoo parlor or a kiosk in the mall — you should receive instructions on how to prevent an infection. You should also receive assurance that only sterile tools and hygienic practices are used. But when protocol isn’t followed, or if you don’t follow post-piercing cleaning instructions closely enough, infection ...

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Bahubali-2 breaks the record of Dangal


  Finally, the much-awaited movie ‘Bahubali 2′ was released. But, before that the new record holds the armor. Bahubali records record sales for just 24 hours Earlier this record was Dangle. The news published in Indian media has revealed that nearly 10 lakh tickets have been sold in 24 hours before the release of the film! But after the release ...

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How Humayun Ahmed proposed Shaon

rupcare_how humayun proposed shaon

  There are many discussions about the wedding of noted fictionist Humayun Ahmed and actress-songwriter Meher Afroz Shaon. You know, Shayon was promoted Humayun Ahmed? Shawon said some part of this personal issue. Shaon said on Wednesday that he said, “Those who crafted the cave, wanted someone to keep the lamp in the dark. So that painter can do his ...

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Things you shouldn’t do after dinner

rupcare_don't do after dinner

  Which of these practices is good for the body, or is it unhealthy? There may be disagreements with them. But at least one job can not be taken before going to bed, it may be a serious physical problem – it seems that the Lithuanian lazley back. Lajli tells the daily ‘The Globe and Mail’, do not do anything ...

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Urbashi is in Dhaliwood now…

rupcare_urbashi & emon

  Miss India, Miss Diva Universe, Miss Tin India, Miss Asian Super Model – all the famous beauty wrestling champions Urshi Rautala It was only a matter of time to make her place in Bollywood. Before that [three years ago] he has joined Bangladesh’s first science-fiction film ‘Parabastani’. Swapn Ahmed’s item number in the movie “Chalo Baai”, Urvashi performed in ...

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How to save your mobile phone if fall into water

rupcare_mobile phone in water

  Your hobby mobile has fallen into the water? What do you think now? There is no reason to worry. There is a simple solution near the hand. The way you can wipe your mobile, you need to change it. But if you take some steps quickly, then your mobile may know how to survive. So know the way to ...

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I was never a friend of Humayun’s daughter: Shaon

rupcare_Humayun Ahmed Shaon

  “For a long time, a rumor has been spread consciously to make our people shorter. This picture is sorted in the same way. It has been shown that a girlfriend of Humayun Ahmed’s daughter came to their house. From there to love or to love What a lie it is “Shawon, wife of late novelist Humayun Ahmed, recently spoke ...

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Perfect food for proper child development


  From the first day of birth to six months of age, the baby must be breastfed. Breast milk is enough for the physical and mental development and development of the baby. Apart from breast milk, after six months, the child needs to start extra food. There are several rules required to prepare these foods. In addition to excess food, ...

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Shakib Khan banned by directors’ association!

rupcare_shakib khan banned

  The film director Samak has temporarily banned Shakib Khan. The committee decided to comment on the film director, producer and artists who have been deprived of this hero’s interview on 16 April, in a national daily. On Monday, an emergency meeting of the association was held in the FDC’s office at the director of the film director’s office. In ...

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