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Salma saves Kapil Sharma Show

rupcare_kapil sharma

  Kapil Sharma survived for some time. The Kapil Sharma show was given a bit more time to cross TRP. Courtesy: None other than Bollywood’s brother-in-law Salman Khan Indeed, the sultan of Bollywood has helped Kapil in an indirect way. How? In fact, at the time of Kapil’s show, he was supposed to return to his old show ten times ...

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Less sleep kills your brain

rupcare_less sleep kills brain

  A recent study suggests that if the lack of sleep is too much, the brain itself will eat itself. This means that cells that destroy the cells of brain cells become more active. There is no sleeping option to keep the brain active – we know it. The harmful substances stored throughout the day are clean when we are ...

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Unbelievable relationship with animals

rupcare_amazing relationship

  There is a saying in the village that if in danger, tigers and deer drink water at one hour. One such picture is via viral social communication. But instead of tiger and deer there is a cat and a duck child. After the cyclone Mora hit Bangladesh, the image is seen in the wall of Bangladeshi Facebook users. However, ...

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Porimoni praises Apu Bishwas

rupcare_parimoni and apu

  Apu confesses Parumoni This actress has filled her heart with a verse in Apu Biswas. Coming the Eid Apu Biswas-Shakib Khan’s Politics Picture is being released. This is the statement of Parimani centered around this picture. Apu, where he also completed the queen of the film. In the post of Social Media, Eli wrote, Apu Biswas, Queen of Bengali ...

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Are your partner jealous with you

rupcare_jelous partner

  After marriage, couples should take control of violent activities themselves. But in most cases, your partner or wife keeps the mind of great jealousy. He left everything in his jealousy list without you. Here are some common signs of partner and partner. Their work is understood to mean that the partner or partner is trying to establish control over ...

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Once popular Bollywood actress left alone at hospital


  Once upon a time Bollywood actress Gita Kapoor walked out of this year’s actress Gita Kapoor. In the movie like ‘Pakija’, starring Raj Kumar starred in the role of wife. There are about 100 films in Bollywood. But today his address is a private hospital in Mumbai. There is no money for treatment, no returning shelter. And his son ...

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Priyanka reveals relationship with Shahrukh!

rupcare_srl priyanka

  Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra have played together in two films together. To begin acting, the two started with love thrill. But none of them accepted. Many years later, Priyanka admitted that she had a relationship with Shahrukh. ‘Beawatch’ actress appeared on a talk show on a television channel recently. There he was asked about his airport style. ...

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Sehri diet to promote weight loss in Ramadan


  Fasting all day, have fasted every day, even though weight is rising? There is a huge problem for many people who grow fast in Ramadan. Why does not the weight increase or why? The fasting of the state is eaten during the Iftar grill of the state. Many people know to avoid dinner But what is the profit? To ...

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Notice issued to remove Nusrat Faria’s item song


  A lawyer who recently sent a legal notice to release ‘Allah Allah’ on the release of Youtube. In the next three days, the legal notice to the Supreme Court lawyer Azizul Bashar to remove the song from YouTube was sent to 7 people by lawyers Advocate Hosjatul Islam. The seven recipients of legal notice are Jazz Multimedia, Chairman of ...

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Anushka speaks about marriage rumor with Bahubali actor Prabhas


  Previously, Luv-Anushka was seen as a pair. However, ‘Bahubali: The Conquestion’ is an Amarendra Bahubali lecture and Debasena Anushka’s screen is still chemistry. The next picture of the posterity is more likely to work as Anushka as the ‘Saho’ heroine. But Anushka was annoyed with one of the rumors. In fact, Luv-Anushka is a great friend. But they have ...

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How you can prepare healthy Iftar

rupcare_healthy iftar

  Since Ramadan is the fasting of the month of Ramadan, when the month of Ramadan occurs in Muslim countries, everyone prepares to fast and also changes in the schedule of their daily activities. In Ramadan, there was a busy start to organize different kinds of food for iftar. In particular, there is a tendency to produce various delicious and ...

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Some harmful things you shouldn’t do after Seheri


  Has been sehuri? Then what to do? Indeed, after the worship of worship, they will make preparations to sleep. Someone will eat a lot of water, someone will eat cigarettes, someone will sit down to watch TV or facebook. Think of it, are you doing something that is harmful for your health in Sehore? Come on, do not know ...

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Mistakes of bathing in hot summer


  Breath of body and mind and relief from severe heat can give relief to the bath. Not only for cleaning, but also for the benefit of baths, numerous research has been given to bring the energy of life. But according to experts, the bathing should be in the right way. There is no bath only after drinking water. Due ...

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Nusrat Faria speaks about her dance in Boss-2

rupcare_nusrat faria-boss2

  A song titled ‘Allah Meherban’ of ‘Boss 2′, jointly produced, was released on Youtube on Friday. The controversial filmmaker Nusrat Faria, who had fallen in love with the Sufiana-style song, was seen in the face of severe criticism of dirty clothes. Since the release of the song, there is a storm of criticism in social media. Many people share ...

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New born baby walking! Video viral on social media

rupcare_new born baby walking

  What can be done after child birth in human society? If you ask such questions, almost all of them will get the same answer. The eyes of the newborn do not bloom. What else is possible without tears! At this time, the eyes of the people have become so accustomed to the new ones. But what happened now, doctors ...

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