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Pack to reduce darkness of fingers and toes

rupcare_fingers and toe

  The first condition of being beautiful and attractive all the time is that the skin is irritated. But it is not very easy to keep skin clean and clean, because most of us have to stay outside for work. And only if the face is not stain, beauty is not perfect. We also need to take care of our ...

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Reasons why fat girls be the good wife!

rupcare_fat wife

  Beautiful wife does not want! However, a recent study says that beauty can not make spouses happy, it is not. Thick girls are good at this. In a recent study, such information has come out that the whole world is surprised! Research says, to be happy in life, obese girls must be married. Researchers said that lean or slim ...

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Shahrukh Suhana just watched Tubelight

rupcare_sharukh suhana tubelight

  After giving a super hit movie on one hand, the ‘tubelessite’ is getting some dirty light. Even before the release, the excitement of excitement was rising as before. But in the box office, Sallu could not make a storm like that before the new movie. The film has a little disappointing fans and critics. That is why Sallu Bhai’s ...

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4 thigh fat reducing exercises…


  Regular Exercise Keeps Your Body Tone and Fat Free Along with your sweat, you can get rid of the toxins that are present in the body and attach the body to the body for a long time. Exercise and diet is not difficult to find healthy and beautiful bodies in the conference! Nowadays, the tendency of sitting in our ...

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Monalisa spent Eid vacation in USA


  Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa is a Bangladeshi actress, model and dancer. Monalisa started her career by appearing in television commercials and stage dancing. She subsequently won Miss Photogenic 2000. She played in several television series and telefilms[2] and is a trained dancer. Career Monalisa started acting, stage dancing and modeling at age 10. Beginning as a dancer, Monalisa became popular ...

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Unbelievable age of mother & her two daughters

rupcare_unbeleivable age

  Know the mother and her two daughters, their identity and age Get acquainted with this family in Taiwan They are probably the only family in the world who hold their youth, incredibly. It is not far ahead of all. See the picture above. Even if you look very well, it seems that three sisters who are younger than teenage ...

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Banana for belly fat reduction

rupcare_banana for belly fat reduction

  Many people think that eating bananas increases weight. But experts say, bananas in various ways help reduce weight. There are plenty of potassium in fruit or fruits that are available throughout the year. The banana body can prevent swelling and swelling. So, those who want to reduce belly fat can put bananas in the diet. There are all types ...

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This heroine didn’t marry for Ajay!

rupcare_tabu and ajay

  This famous Bollywood actress has been running for 45 years now. But still did not sit on the marriage pitch. But why he did not even marry? TABU claims that Bollywood actor Ajay Devas is not responsible for his marriage! According to a newsletter from Ebla in Kolkata, an Indian national daily quoted TABU as saying in a recent ...

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Shakib’s son Abram spent his first Eid in father’s residance

rupcare_shakib son abram

  At Shakib’s Gulshan home, the only child of Shakib-Apu couple’s son, Abram Khan, won the first Eid. Apu Biswas said that the grandfather, grandmother and grandfather wins a happy time. Apu Biswas also said that he spent his lovely time at his father-in-law’s house. Joy did not get father Shakib Khan at the first Eid. Because Shakib was Eid ...

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Salman becomes old!

rupcare_old salman

  As the age increases, the more handsome Bollywood actors Salman Khan Samlman Khan’s recently released ‘Tubblight’ was released. Salman’s fans at the box office, despite the crowd, could not take place in the critics’ favorite list. But not very worried about Salman. Rather, he will work with Kabir Khan, director of ‘Tubblight’. They also play another kind of role ...

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Conspiracy against Apu Biswas

rupcare_apu biswas

  She alleged that actress Apu was conspiring against her. His film ‘Politics’, released in the Eid, has been released in just 40 theaters. He did not even think in the dream. Earlier in the career, Apu acted as a means of getting hundreds of theaters. ‘My name is Khan’, ‘Hero of the superstar’, ‘Love Marriage’, ‘Rajababu’ – every movie ...

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How is Lagaan’s Elizabeth Russel now?

rupcare_elizabeth russel

  Aamir Khan’s famous film Luvan won the hearts of the visitors of the village Bhuban, who won the hearts of the English in the field of cricket. On the stage of the Oscars, the picture reached the boundaries of the Indian audience. In 2001′s famous movie Asutosh Gowariker’s’ Lagan’chabby, Aamir, Gracie Singh’s performance took the criticism of critics. And ...

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Mehjabin’s saree sold at 40 thousand taka


    Finally, the model and actress Mehzabin’s sari was sold at Tk 40,000. The price of this sari was 40 thousand rupees in the auction. Mehzabin Chowdhury picked up the favorite sari at auction. Sarees will spend money on selling street children’s Eid. Kawsar Mahmud Ani bought the highest price in the auction of sari The streets of the ...

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Eid in Shakib-Apu’s family


  Abram Khan win this year will be the first Eid. First of all, the parents and the parents have taken care of their families. One more thing – after the birth of Abram, this year the mother-father’s film ‘Politics’ is being released. After all, we can understand that the son of Abrahan, whose son – Shakib Khan and Apu ...

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Breastfeeding mother has less chance of heart disease & cancer

rupcare_breast feeding

  After the birth of the mother’s breast, newborn’s intelligence and physical structure increase. Similarly, this breastfeeding reduces the risk of newborn mother’s cardiovascular disease. Recently, a study published in the Journal of the United States Heart Association showed that about 40 percent of their breast cancer and heart disease risk are less than those who have breastfed their newborns ...

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