23 habits to make you smart enough

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No one gets smart in one night. By consciously practicing daily practice you can make smartness habit. Experts have given 23 suggestions on how to make yourself a little smart every day. Take a look at these

1. Think of any new 10 topics every day. As long as you keep your masked cells busy with these thoughts, you gain as much as you can.
2. Read the magazine every day. Keep an eye on what’s happening around the globe. It will give you knowledge.
3. Think about what you have learned recently. Arguably argue against it and try to explain it better.
4. Try reading any section of the fiction or non-fiction book. Through this, every day is learning something new and at the same time, the new readers will develop goodness.
5. See educational videos just by watching entertainment television shows. There are many things to learn about it.

6. Register websites that provide interesting and funny information. See these information about science, society, nature, etc.
7. Observe the sources of information about favorite knowledge-science. Every day the eyes cry.
8. Share what you are learning with others. If you find someone who wants to discuss, do not miss it.
9. Make two lists to gain skills. For the needs of a current job and the other things that you want to learn in the future.
10. Make a list of what you have done. You will be aware of your knowledge in it. More learning motivation will increase.
11. Write what you learn in the form of information. The information will be permanently inserted into the head. You can write them in any blog or notepad. Can share with others.

12. Meditate and exercise yourself to maintain mental health. It will be easy to keep the mind calm and vigorous in any difficult matter.
13. Take any kind of courses online. CV with heavy loads will be quite heavy. You can do different courses related to job related work.
14. Talk to someone who has an interest in talking with you. Try to learn about their thoughts.
15. Try to gain company with people who seem smart and wise than you. They will be able to weld their own smartness from them.
16. Think about the questions in your mind. Try to find out the answers yourself.
17. Learn new words every day to increase vocabulary. These will once serve you for the IELTS (SAT) or GRE exam.

18. Do something scary. In all the circumstances we can get rid of all the environmental experiences in the future. Through these, you will get an exciting feeling.
19. Visit to a new area or place. At least look at some of the places around your residence.
20. Play smart games. Play chess or such games. Play these games with the challenge.
21. Rest some time to relax. Do nothing at this time. It will get physical strength including mental peace.
22. Build a productive hobby. You can work every day. Fisheries can also be caught from sewing.
23. Try to implement what you have learned in real life. If you are learning how to play a new instrument or do a specific job book or online, try to see it yourself.