3 Beutiful Hair Style in Just 2 Minutes


Format_2_3 quick hair styles

Format_2_3 quick hair styles(1)

Format_2_3 quick hair styles(2)


Hair tied in a boring job to many people. Especially those whose hair is long or medium hair tied up, they read a lot of trouble. Many more longer time because you do not want to have long hair style. One minute you can be a great hair style, however, is how you say something?

Office, college or university can easily stailagulo the hair. This can be done in less than two minutes stailagulo hair. Tapasera sari or salwar kameez, or you can cope with this hair stailagulo. Take a look at the short video system.

The hair style

1. Please part my hair in the middle dividing it. Take part my hair braiding and remove a few from the right. Similarly, the left part my hair a few of the braiding. These two braiding came back and tied with a rubber band and remove. According to the braiding a little slack to remove the video. Instant Drug addiction was a great hair style.

The second hair style

2. Take hair combed back. Half of the hair braiding and (according to video). After braiding the hair a little bit of rubber and palm braiding Take brands. Leave the rest of the hair braiding.

Third hair style

3. Please part my hair in the middle of the front half of a braiding of the hair back. Bind a bun with braiding. Take the well bun with bobby pins. Leave the rest of the hair.

May at any time at the instant of the three great hair style.