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One of the main obstacles in stomach fat is to keep body fit. It is seen in many parts of the body that there is no fat in it, but fat stomach is destroying the entire fitness system. Meanwhile, the food is not fully functioning even after controlling food. In fact, in addition to food control, some exercises should be practiced everyday that work directly on the abdominal muscles, in which case there is a lot of good results. Today, we will discuss three such exercises.

Bicycle crunch

• First of all, lie straight on the floor.
• Keep your hands behind the head. Two legs straight up a little up.
• Bring the left leg straight and bring the right foot to the chest.
• Tighten your left side to the left side.
• Similarly, repeat the left leg with the right foot straight, as if you think you are going to sleep on the bike.
• Try this exercise three times a day for one minute. It causes a lot of pressure on your stomach muscles, which plays an effective role in reducing fat.


• Its gesture is like running a boat.
• Sit in the floor first.
• Straighten the legs straight upwards.
• Keep hands straight on the knees.
• Keep the upper part of the body from the waist in such a way as to make it angled with your feet.
• Breathe well five times in this way and return to normal condition.
• Try this exercise five times daily.


• Get up and down on the floor.
• Try to lift the body by touching the wrists from wrist to the wrist and massing on the toe’s fingers.
• Strengthen the muscles of your stomach and waist for ten seconds.
• Come back to the normal position.
• Exercise this exercise four times daily.

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